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As this hashtag is not currently being mentioned on Twitter, it means that you can use this hashtag at your event without noise from other users tweeting and without off-topic content.

Of course, there is no way to secure your hashtag. Once it's out there, there is no way to stop people from tweeting using the hashtag.

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If you're putting on an event, make sure that your hashtag is included on all physical and online invitations, email newsletters, websites and lanyards. It's needs to be seen and it really doesn't hurt to explain how people can interact with it.

DISCLAIMER: We can't guarantee that your hashtag will only be used in future exclusively by you. Although you were the first to use this hashtag, you have no legal claim over it or right to stop other parties from using it. All emojis displayed on our website, tweet or otherwise broadcast by registermyhashtag.com do not necessarily reflect the actual emotional state of any member of our team.

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