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Sorry, you cannot register the hashtag #litfin as a unique hashtag as it is currently being mentioned on Twitter before.

However, you could still use this hashtag for your event as it may not have been used recently or could be used infrequently, to check try searching Twitter.

What Next?

Tweak it and try again

As another individual or company is already using #litfin, you should try giving it a little tweak. You could try adding a relevant word or date and keep checking. Once you hit the the jackpot and have the perfect start to a great campaign, we'll let you know.

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Le séminaire de prévention de la fraude de Votre Argent-Aînés, programme de littératie financière de l’ABC, traite… https://t.co/FZAzl8ZfKK
‐ banquiersCDN

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