Create a unique hashtag

To cleanly track your audience's comments you need to create a hashtag to use on your campaign.
A hashtag can be of any length, but most importantly it's needs to be relevant to your event or venue.
For example if you were to run an event called 'Media Awards' - the perfect hashtag would be #mediaawards2019

Does It Already Exist?

To make sure that your newly created hashtag doesn't already exist type your hashtag in the box above. We'll run a check on your hashtag and tell you whether another individual or company is already using it, tweak your hashtag slightly (add a relevant word or date) and keep checking.

Recent Checks

See what hashtags others have been searching for

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Show Your Hashtag On A Big Screen

Now you have a unique hashtag to aggregate a stream of tweets, why not showcase that content at your event? That's where CrowdScreen comes in.

Powerful Drag & Drop Designer

Create a unique look and layout for your event.